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18.10 | Q&A no Facebook com Anastacia.
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Este sábado, 18 de outubro, pelas 18h em Portugal, a Anastacia fez pela primeira vez "perguntas e respostas" no Facebook. Para além de nos ter respondido, revelou algumas informações sobre a digressão, a sua carreira e muito mais! Em baixo encontrarás todas, em inglês:

COFAPT: Hello sweetheart, thank you for doing this! We are all loving it! Here is our first question: "What was the funniest moment you had with a fan?"
Anastacia: There are SO many that there are TOOOOO many!

Jayme Siebert: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Or what would you like to be doing at that point ?
Hey I still want to be doing my music. The industry will hopefully be in a much better place and it will be enjoyable again to feel that your efforts are being well appreciated worldwide and not for free

Michel Cello:
What does it feel like going back up on stage after your condition?
I won't know until the first night i can probably answer that the next day. Its triply to be thinking of touring again the last time was 2009 so its a deep question, if i said an answer right now it would be unclear... until I'm up on stage i don't know but I'm anticipating the excitement of it and i can't wait to know what it is going to feel like again

Vanesa Cortacero:
If you could live in another time in the past, which one would it be?
Hmmm probably the 40's for me. I loved the look and the fashion. Still in the fairytales and hair do's were awesome. Everyone looked like they were really in love! Love looked so simple!

Vanesa Cortacero:
What is the song that MUST BE on your playlist for a party?
Ooooh.... love all disco 70's music. Funk, depends on the party I'm sure...

Demi Van der Ven:
What do you like the most about Belgium?
chocolate of course!!!! and ze way ze french speak!

Daniele Benvenuti:
can you tell me your fav beach in LA?
The back of my house! ha
I don't like the beach I'm happy at my pool

Sa Bri Na G:
What keeps you such positive?
Laughing. Humour... and music
oh and my fans!
oh and good toilet paper LOLLLLLL

Ida Steurer: What do you like the most about your FrEaKs? <3
That they're MY FREAKS!!!!

Ida Steurer:
Do you like listening to your own songs?
I actually do enjoy listening to my songs rather than my voice as i love what they have to say

Ida Steurer:
Are you nervous before you go on stage?
What do you do when you're nervous?
no not really on a regular basis i can count on one hand how many times I've been nervous but tomorrow isn't one of them..lets go out there and HAVE SOME FUN!

Natalia Pentara:
Any plans of launching a new perfume ?
i would LOVE to launch a new perfume its all about timing, brands so many business things that are part of the world today!

Debora Sprock:
Ooookaaay!There will be the resurrection DVD???Please DO IT!!!
Anastacia: There is no DVD Im sorry to say...thats why u gotta come see the concert folks! OLD SCHOOOOL!

Steffen P. Wonsyld:
Will you have meet & greets before/after the shows?
The meet and greets we are doing are only for charities and funds. Usually i would do this with fans but i felt after what i went though last year i wanted to to give to people who couldn't get it themselves

Juliette Quirante:
Will you say hi to your fanily after the concerts?
I won't be able to say hello to family after the show unfortunately. Never know in certain venues, I don't know how it is set up.. sometimes I drive to the next dow, sometimes I stay and leave the next day. Schedules are a bit crazy but if and where there are opportunities to say hi i always will do

Nina Jung:
Will there be any merchandise on your tour?
Oh yeah baby...get ready for merch!

Morgan Gray:
Who created the tour's wardrobe?
Gemma Sheppard and myself. She's always helped me creat new and fun looks by embellishing clothes which you will see on this tour.....
hope u like it!

Anastacia Fanclub Italia:
If you weren't singing, what would you be doing?
I would be a therapist or social worker for under privileged children.. something that entails working with kids for sure

Micaël Benmahmoud:
If you were stuck in a jungle for two months, what three things would you want to have with you? Can't wait to see you in Paris for the 1st time! Love from Geneva - Switzerland  xo
2 months!!!! What 3 things!!!!!???? is there food there??!?! This is very difficult without having you in front of me! I guess suntan lotion coz i don't want to get cancer again! haha and.... music. Definitely music in some form... and ICE CREAM (and id need something to store it in so it stays cold!)
hahaha hopefully this helps u thank u for such a fabulous question!

Marko Sepe:
Would you a collaboration with P!nk? *-*
Who wouldn't! She rocks! I could sing from down below and she could swing above me while we duet!

Tazzio Alexander: Have you ever thought of creating/designing your own eyewear brand? Love from Portugal.
Anastacia: YES!!! Funny u should say that....

Resa da Silva: AND Is there any special ritual you do (even just in your head) before hitting the stage? (@ResaGue)
Anastacia: I'm not big on rituals before a show.. but standard make up and hair always makes a girl feel better in front of all your iPhones!!!! :)

Resa da Silva: What irrational fear did you have when you were 27 that you can laugh about today? (@ResaGue)
Anastacia: Are you 27? Is that when irrational fears are supposed to happen?? i THINK mine are delayed!

Maxine Kellens: To which concert in which county are you lookin forward the most ?
All of them! so many that I'm not getting to this time round though thats what I'm missing, hopefully i will see them very soon though

Peter Wetzler:
What do you have for a dinner today?
Hmmm I think I'm going to end up having a protein shake that is frozen!

Emmi Heikkinen:
Are you on diet? If yes, what kind of??
No I'm not on a diet. With my Chron's disease I have to be careful though

Francesca Richman:
Hi. I'm going to my first Anastacia concert in London next month - so excited. Liked your music for a few years now. Loving the new album. If you could invite two people for dinner who would you invite and why? I'm the one with brown hair in my profile pic. X
Anastacia: haha hmm i don't know who id invite but that is very funny! id rather be invited out to dinner!!!
i never go anywhere I'm such a loser wahhhh ;)

Linda Lyn Canuto-Druyts: what is you fav starbuck's drink?
Anastacia: To be honest Starbucks is not the favourite blend of choice. A place called Coffee Bean in LA is THE BOOOMMBB coffee blend and i like decaf so its all about the taste

Linda Lyn Canuto-Druyts: is there anything that really gets u on your nerves?
Anastacia: We don't have enough time to tell you that!!!hahah

Linda Lyn Canuto-Druyts: There will be merchandise (Tshirts, posters etc) to buy on #resurrectiontour?
Anastacia: yup yup yup!

Bianka Markosová: Could you maybe give us a little setlist tease before tomorrow? Pretty please? ;)
Anastacia: hm hm hm hm nice try kidoo! ;)

Nina Isme: How come your entourage is mostly British? Do you just love us brits more hahaha! Sorry two questions do you like the brit humour too?
Anastacia: i can't help it they flock to me like flies haha

Κατερινα Σ.: Dearest Anastacia, are you thinking of coming for a concert in Greece sometime? The fans here would really love to see you on stage! Good luck with your tour, we'll keep in touch with you! Love, Catherine
Anastacia: i would LOVE to go to Greece...

Riccardo La Valle: Seems like u really enjoyed our Hamburger hat from Verona, so in Milan maybe a wine hat? or what to do you prefer? hahaha
Anastacia: ha yeah I'm trying to instagram and realised i re-adde the same pic again. I was just taught how to delete it! Still trying to figure out how to tag people though....all this new thechie stuff is so crazy!

Sarah Louise: Lindsey Moynes wants to know if you've seen Harry potter yet?
Anastacia: i've NEVER seen Harry Potter and to be honest I would want to start at the beginning and figure out the whole intrigue of it

Rutger de Groot: Im going monday, with my father he gave this tickets to me for my 17th birthday and this is my first concert if ever been
Anastacia: Ahhh very cool! Happy birthday! are you going with your father?! If so daddys gets free cyber hugs for giving his daughter this as a present!

Francesco Ippolito: This is my first concert, I would like to embrace you. Do you think my dream will come true?
Anastacia: Well ask my fans.. its come true for a lot of them !Im a big hugger!

Alina Destani: Are you ready for the tour?
Anastacia: I hope so cos its TOMORROW!!!!!!

Yvonne Eijkenboom: Forgot to ask the MOST important question: HOW ARE YA?!  And how's Mamastacia? And Brian? And Shawn? All ready for some instant happiness tomorrow??!!  (PS: Give them all my love & greets, please!) X0X0X0
Anastacia: Yes my family are fine its great to have them here with me. I appreciate everyones kind tweets and instgrams to them, they loved being part of the countdown

Nicole Beutmann: What do you mean your family?
Anastacia: my REAL family (sis, bro, mum) are all here to watch the show
u can see I'm not typing cos Vikki just typed 'mum' hahaha

Carmen de Jong: What cookies should i bake you for tomorrow?
Anastacia: Ahhh no cookies please but thank uuu!
sweetie - very thoughtful

Ouanessa Maa: Hi Ana...Do you know how to do a burpee? If not I can show you tomorrow on stage ;)
Anastacia: haha oh great i for sure want to her what a burped is and that seems like an awesome thing for my show!!!

Nina A. Engist: I only have one question to you and it's the most important for me! How do you feel, when someone (me) tells you that you saved her life? <3 xxx
Anastacia: Truly honoured.

Tom Meulemans: Just want to wish you all the luck with your tour ... C U 2morrow!!!
Anastacia: Ahh thank youuu!!! so excited!!!

Tiago Jordão Valadares: What can we expect from the show? U performin old songs, right? Hope u perform Left Outside Alone, Pt 2 and then the original one, I'll totally love that ahah
Anastacia: You'll have to wait and seeeeeee..........

Marja van Zoelen: Where very pleased to see you on Monday in Amsterdam will you sing life line for us
Anastacia: It won't take a 'life timmmeee' to find out if I will sing 'LifeLiiinnnneee'! ;)

Sandra Trompetter: I want to wish you a lot of fun with all your shows. Unfortunately I can not be there. Your previous show in Amsterdam I will never forget. To beat cancer is one thing but to a tour to do is bad ass!!!
Anastacia: Aahhh thanks sweetie. Hopefully you can come next time
I'm not going anywhere!

Fiona Pritchard: Are you likely to do a UK tour? I’m being greedy – want more of you!
Anastacia: Well I'll be there on 17th November!

14.10 | Anastacia no BBC Strictly Come Dancing.
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No sábado, 11 de Outubro, a Anastacia surpreendeu todos e foi assistir ao vivo ao programa britânico, BBC Strictly Come Dancing. Acompanhada de um dos elementos dos Blue e seu amigo, Duncan James, a cantora, apoiou Simon Webbe, também da banda, que é concorrente.

Appearances > 2014 - BBC Strictly Come Dancing, UK - 11/10
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07.10 | Entrevista à Revista Ticketline.
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Daqui a sensivelmente 15 dias, Anastacia pisará solo português pela segunda vez este ano, para atuar no Campo Pequeno, a 23 de Outubro. Compra já o teu bilhete (aqui).

Durante a sua estadia em Portugal, em Maio, Anastacia deu uma entrevista à revista portuguesa, Ticketline, onde falou acerca da sua luta contra o cancro, a dupla mastectomia e ainda a digressão.

O artigo integrado na edição gratuita de Outubro da revista Ticketline, encontra-se já disponível em vários spots!

Lê parte da entrevista:  (English version here)

Ticketline: O que podemos esperar desta digressão? Vai interpretar este álbum (Resurrection)?
Anastacia: Sim, sem dúvida. Graças a Deus, o meu empresário tem sido "bombardeado" com muitos pedidos de concertos, o que significa que, pelo menos, não voltarei a casa este ano!....

Ticketline: Como é que vai misturar o material antigo como o novo?
Anastacia: Isso é muito fácil quando se tem canções como "I'm Outta Love", "Left Outside Alone" ou a nova "Stupid Little Things" não é difícil misturá-las. Os meus álbuns são parecidos entre si e o que pode acontecer é as músicas terem alguns arranjos diferentes, mas o concerto terá músicas de todos os discos que fiz.

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03.10 | The Resurrection Tour.
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A menos de um mês de começar a tão aguardada digressão da Anastacia, "Resurrection Tour", relembramos todas as datas, locais e sítios onde comprar os bilhetes para os concertos, dando especial destaque à do Campo Pequeno, a 23 de Outubro.

Tal como foi noticiado, o anúncio ao concerto de Lisboa, já está a ser emitido pela RTP1 e FOX desde há alguns meses e neste momento encontram-se mais de 100 mupis em vários centros comerciais.

Informamos ainda que durante toda a digressão, disponibilizaremos um endereço de e-mail exclusivamente para receber as vossas fotografias e vídeos dos concertos. Se conseguires enviar material em directo seria ainda melhor: - teremos uma equipa sempre disponível para ler as vossas mensagens.

Caso sejas membro do nosso Clube de Fãs e vás assistir a algum dos espectáculos mencionados abaixo, por favor informa a gerência do COFAPT para o nosso e-mail principal. Todos os fãs registados terão acesso a informações, oportunidades, às nossas actividades e ainda a possibilidade de se encontrarem connosco no local! Não te esqueças de encomendar a nossa merchandising oficial também!


BÉLGICA: 19 Outubro | Dom | Ancienne, Bruxelas | Bilhetes | Check-in

HOLANDA: 20 Outubro | 2f | Paradiso, Amesterdão | Bilhetes | Check-in - sold out!

PORTUGAL: 23 Outubro | 5f | Campo Pequeno, Lisboa | Bilhetes | Check-in

Abertura de Portas: 20h
Início do Espectáculo: 21h

Plateia em pé – 30,00€
Bancada - 35,00€
Bancada Lateral - 32,00€
Galeria 1.ª – 26,00€
Galeria 1.ª Lateral – 23,00€
Galeria 2.ª – 22,00€
Galeria 2.ª Lateral – 20,00€
Camarote 1.ª – 35,00€
Camarote 1.ª Lateral – 32,00€
Camarote 2.ª – 22,00€
Camarote 2.ª Lateral– 20,00€

Locais de venda: Galerias Campo Pequeno, FNAC, Worten, El Corte Inglés, CTT, Agência Abreu, Agência ABEP, CC Dolce Vita (Amadora, Funchal, Coimbra, Ovar, Vila Real e Porto), Centros Comerciais MMM (Espaço Guimarães, Fórum Viseu, Fórum Coimbra, Fórum Sintra, Almada Fórum, Fórum Montijo, Fórum Algarve), Centros Comerciais Mundicenter (Centro Comercial Amoreiras, Odivelas Parque, Spacio Olivais, Arena Shopping e Galerias Campus S. João), Ticketline (reservas 1820 e Breakpoint (

ESPANHA: 25 Outubro | Sáb | Pal. Congresos, Madrid | Bilhetes | Check-in - sold out!

ITÁLIA: 27 Outubro | 2f | Fabrique, Milão | Bilhetes | Check-in - sold out!

ITÁLIA: 29 Outubro | 4f | Auditorium, Roma | Bilhetes | Check-in - sold out!

ITÁLIA: 30 Outubro | 5f | Obihall, Florença | Bilhetes | Check-in

ITÁLIA: 1 Novembro | Sáb | GEOX, Padova | Bilhetes | Check-in

SUÍÇA: 3 Novembro | 2f | Kongresshaus, Zurique | Bilhetes | Check-in

ALEMANHA: 5 Novembro | 4f | Kesselhaus, Munique | Bilhetes | Check-in

ALEMANHA: 10 Novembro | 2f | E-Werk, Colónia | Bilhetes | Check-in- sold out!

ALEMANHA: 12 Novembro | 4f | Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt | Bilhetes | Check-in

ÁUSTRIA: 13 Novembro  | 5f | Stadthalle F, Viena | Bilhetes | Check-in

FRANÇA: 16 Novembro | Dom | Trianon, Paris | Bilhetes | Check-in

REINO UNIDO: 17 Novembro | 2f | Shepherds Bush, Londres | Bilhetes | Check-in

20 Novembro | 5f | Palazzetto Fevi, Locarno | Bilhetes | Check-in - nova data!

27.09 | Intimissimi On Ice Operapop.
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No dia 21 de Setembro, a Anastacia foi a cantora convidada para actuar no prestigiado evento italiano da marca Intimissimi, o Operapop on ice, na Arena di Verona. Em baixo, encontrarás fotografias na carpete vermelha e [aqui] estão algumas no palco, onde a cantora cantou "Lifeline" e "I'm Outta Love".

Antes mesmo do espectáculo, a Anastacia ainda conheceu alguns fãs e tirou mais fotografias, vai [aqui] para as veres.

- Lifeline (VIDEO)
- I'm Outta Love (VIDEO)

A aparição de Anastacia no Intimissimi Operapop on ice será transmitida pela primeira vez pelo canal televisivo italiano, Canale 5, no Sábado, dia 27 de Setembro a partir das 21:10 (horário local).


Appearances > 2014 - Intimissimi on Ice Opera Pop, Arena di Verona, Italy - 21/09
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